Clifton and the railroad have been tied together throughout the town’s history. It’s safe to say that without the railroad, Clifton and the surrounding areas would never have yielded the incredible amounts of copper they have. 

Still, with all the benefits trains have brought to our area, like anything else there are downsides. One such drawback has long been the routine sounding of train horns at rail crossings in the residential area of South Clifton.

In June of 2016, through the cooperation of the Town of Clifton, Federal Railroad Administration and the Arizona Eastern Railway Company, a Quiet Zone was established for the crossings at Park Avenue, 2nd Street and 7th Street. While engineers retain the right to sound the train horn if the situation warrants, routine use of horns at these crossings has been discontinued.

Please remember that even though the train horns may be quieter, crossings can still pose serious dangers to motorists and pedestrians. Always use caution when crossing tracks. See tracks—think train!

Please watch this 30 second video and visit the Operation Lifesaver website for more resources on how to stay safe around railroad tracks. 

The horns may be gone, but the trains aren’t—